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According to environment to choose casters

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Again good casters if not maintained properly soon, but according to different environments to choose from castors can effectively extend the life of it. Jiangxi caster manufacturers join hongtuo casters wholesale Department to remind you what the casters of the use of environmental materials you choose. Here are some casters features and application:

1, inflatable wheels is the most widely used General casters. It is elastic, absorbing pavements caused by shock due to inflated the rally, close to the ground, therefore, stable and easily move objects. Recently, inflatable wheels gradually become the mainstream, industry, transport, furniture have been widely applied.

2, foamed round it is newly developed by foam plastic specially formulated a Castor. Foam wheels with rubber and the degree of flexibility and advantages of organic solvents, strong acid and weak base rot-resistant. Made of foam plastic foam due to the presence of air bubbles, it has a light, materials, heat insulation and sound insulation, absorbs impact loads of performance characteristics such as, in particular, material savings, reduce energy consumption, lower cost, that can be applied so it is worth looking forward to the next generation of popular substitutes.

3, good rubber wheel abrasion resistance, oil resistance. Due to this characteristic of rubber wheels, it is generally used in oil, place on the ground, wheels wear some better than other products.

4 nylon wheel, nylon wheel heat-resistant, acid-resistant, good resistance to abrasion, light wheel itself. Recently, because the plastics technology has developed a weight-bearing wheels and a variety of special wheels.

5, monomer cast nylon wheel MC high molecular weight material than the original nylon resin, good degree of crystallization. High-performance materials as an alternative to the metal gets high evaluation. MC wheels are made of the high evaluation of engineering plastics, it has the advantages of high heat-resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance.

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