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Casters have used

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Casters have used

When you are using casters, want to anticipate how it is used, the conditions of use (use), and then select the appropriate type, please note the following:

1, the appropriate load-bearing load

Products bearing load refers to the personnel working in flat ground handling easier to move the General bearing, and is in a safe condition general handling work was carried out for a long time under load, need to estimate in advance to carry the total weight of the object, and then press the weight allowed by choosing the right casters. Usually appears in only 3 of the 4 casters of only, so the total weight of the weight limit should be based on the theory of *0.8 to properly (that is, don't count too). While with 4 casters, total weight = the limits of each one (1) casters allow the bearing load *4*0.8, when you mix different sizes of casters, please refer to the one with the lowest bearing loads casters as a benchmark, calculate the overall maximum load.

2, regarding speed

Wheel speed is: in normal temperature environment, to no more than walking speed, in a flat on the ground, must stop working in general usage. (Please avoid continuous caster pads (away))

3, conditions of use

Depending on the installed casters of various devices, determine the caster wheel diameter, the material, installation methods (such as Board-mounted, and screw type and so on) and the type of use castors (such as flexible rotation, fixed type, can be stopped and so on). Anyway according to the existing types of castors or optional, to balance and then choose the most appropriate.

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