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Hand pallet trucks industrial caster maintenance

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Hand pallet trucks industrial caster maintenance knowledge. Users of hand pallet trucks responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of industrial casters. To avoid misuse or device, overload, heavy and light in the car. On rough pavement at high speed or weight crushing wheel can cause the wheel or damage to the equipment. When many users in the use of hand pallet trucks, ignoring normal operating specifications and pallet trucks to malfunction, but did not know what caused it.

We know the pallet forks are not reasons for liter will experience this problem when the first is oil pump problem; we found on the fork of industrial castors have a do not know is the usual process is overloaded or unbalanced load of reasons. Manual hydraulic industrial casters throughout the handling process plays an irreplaceable role, we must pay attention to maintenance of caster, so that we can make our efficiency is greatly improved.

Brackets and fasteners: axle nut tightening loose and check the weld or support plates have been damaged. Overloading or impact can lead to bracket twist. Distorting support overloaded tilting pressure on individual wheels and cause premature failure of the wheel. If it is a plunger type industrial casters, should tighten the nut or rivet firmly tight and ensure equipment mounting without bending and insertion is installed properly. Industrial casters should be installed using a locking nut or nut gasket. Expansive insertion industrial caster installation to ensure the plunger firmly installed in the casing.

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