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How to maintain supermarket trolleys not rust

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Supermarket trolleys are usually made of steel, rust, every day there are different groups of people to use, a shopper's hand sweat could cause rusty supermarket trolley, trolley wholesale Department of Jiangxi province therefore recommended in peacetime to cart maintenance, if rust should be timely clear of it, because the consequences would be more serious.

1, will have a rusty wheelbarrow are soaked in diluted hydrochloric acid, but to pay attention to time, do not soak too long, otherwise apart from the finished surface of the supermarket trolley after rust reaction by the way the material inside out. For example in addition to finish it with iron with rust.

2, can be removed using small pneumatic or electric trolleys on rust. This is primarily powered by electricity or compressed air, assembling an appropriate rust supermarket trolley devices, oscillating or rotational movement. For example, angle grinder, wire brush, air needle beam such as rust, which belongs to the semi-mechanized equipment, tool lightweight, maneuverable, and can completely remove the rust, paint and so on.

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