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Industrial casters made of the stainless steel material what is the benefit of

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Industrial casters made of the stainless steel material what is the benefit of

Heavy duty casters Yes aim for easy to carry, such as used indoors, buildings in need of handling equipment and all kinds of handling machines, manpower reinforcement

Industrial casters use the stainless steel castors you want according to the manner and conditions of use, proper use, properly installed medical equipment is an important round of medical devices, has been widely used and promoted understanding wheel what is the development of medical devices? Medical devices-wheel represents traditional changed from metal to plastic, driving this change is the main power system economics. Wheels of plastic compound materials including resins and filler system from TALC fillers to glass fiber and carbon fiber, which is a long glass and long carbon fiber, they can provide a higher intensity and the actual impact resistance. Thermoplastic vulcanizate in particular can provide good compression set properties needed to wheel. These materials made from carbon black or other filler and resin, can dissipate electrostatic protection provided, so as to improve the resistance of polymer surfaces.

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