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Oil drum truck knowledge

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Handling car that is handling the role of material handling equipment.

Manual pallet trucks will be used in the bearing insert pallet fork of holes in the hydraulic system driven by the ability to implement pallet lifting and falling, and by the human drive to complete material handling. Pallet transport is the most simple, most effective and most common loading and unloading, handling tools.

Drums, barrels of oil, usually made of metal or plastic cylindrical shape, originally invented by the Germans before World War II, mainly used to transport vital military supplies – gasoline, can be said to be typical products of war.

Oil drum was invented by the Germans. Before the second world war, the German army high command on the development of the Blitzkrieg strategy, but at the same time there is a problem. Due to the attacking troops too quickly, resulting in supply can't keep up with battle, tens of thousands of tanks, armored personnel carriers and trucks require a lot of gasoline. The German army high command foresaw this problem and designed a gasoline container (now called this container barrels). In 1939, the German invasion of Poland zhiqian, it already has tens of thousands of barrels of oil. German genius in the design of military petrol was now still followed the design of the Germans in more than 60 years ago. Early in the second world war blitz of success across Europe, oil barrel design is seen as a major part of, and is strictly confidential. Wehrmacht when forced to surrender or capture of the group, had been asked to destroy their oil barrels, avoid falling into Allied hands. German worries are not unfounded. Allied as long as access to oil drums, can use them. In North Africa, the British SAS (Special Air Service) forces Jeep Assembly a couple of oil barrels, its quality is just as bad as US oil drums. SAS force's mission is to find and destroy docked in Germany air force base aircraft operations deep into the German defensive line, and there are no supplies and support. In the action of the thing, SAS troops had to rely on their drums to carry valuable gasoline, but its reliability is not high. Allied forces had captured German tank, generic come out soon, and apply it to the battlefield.

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