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Oil drum truck six characteristics

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Oil drum truck can lift, move, rotate, tilt and drain full of barrels of oil. Dual protection refers to the set of locks to ensure balanced lifting oil barrels. G vertical lock barrels of oil to avoid overflow or horizontal lock barrels of oil to avoid oil discharged from the nozzle.

1, single-barrel clamps, self-locking safety and reliability: the fixture is used according to the mechanical Parrot Beak clip Rod locking mechanism designed to capture moving bucket loads. This design allows fixture not only effectively protect the tank vehicle in good condition, and greatly increased the transportation of safe and reliable.

2, long life, fast return: fixture series design and manufacture, Parrot-Beak grasp hook selection of alloy steel, key components for heat treatment, return spring selection have been fatigue life testing. According to United States market using statistics, clamp the average service life of 12 years. After the fixture, can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce handling costs.

3, a bucket of dual use: handling and dumping of oil in two functional solution in one.

4, easy operation, efficiency: from the ergonomic point of view, the fixture is simple and moving bucket machines. Operators will be at a glance, without training easily grab carrying barrels of material.

5, universal, popular: according to incomplete statistics, since 1997, more than million barrels of oil products in use around the world, won the trust of customers.

6, wide range of uses, without barrel not moving: whether it's all kinds of buckets, metal barrels, and fiber drums; closed barrel opening barrels, is to strengthen the wall thickness also barrels; any bottled items, liquids such as water and oil barrels, solid materials, such as chemicals and plastics granules can handle.

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