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Storage drum truck classification

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Handling of storage oil tank car designed primarily for cargo handling in the warehouse forklift. Except for a few warehouse forklift trucks (hand pallet trucks) is a human-powered, others are driven by electric motors, because of its compact body, moving, flexible, light weight and good environmental performance is generally applied in warehousing. In many jobs, motor-driven warehouse forklift needs to have a spare battery.

① chosen oil drums electric pallet truck

Under certain conditions (such as supermarkets, distribution centers), you do not need the entire pallet shipments, but chose a wide variety of goods in accordance with orders to form a tray, this part is called selection. In accordance with the height of the chosen goods, electric forklifts can be divided into chosen order picking trucks (2.5 m) and middle order picker forklift truck (up to 10 meters).

Carrying capacity 2.0~2.5 tons (low), 1.0~1.2 tons (high, with cab).

② front-drum handling trucks

Carrying capacity 1.0~2.5 tons, the door frame can be integral forward or retracted, when retracting the job channel width of 2.7~3.2 meters, lifting height up to a maximum of 11 meters, commonly used in medium height stacking, picking in the warehouse job.

③ Electric pallet drum truck

Carrying capacity 1.6~3.0 tons, the operating channel width of 2.3~2.8 meters, fork lift height is generally about 210mm, is mainly used for horizontal handling in the warehouse and cargo handling. General walking and standing two operation mode can be selected according to the requirements.

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