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Basics Of Casters

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Now, you must have seen a lot of casters, caster information and wording, size is now a bit bewildered. Okay, here we are beginning, explains the basics of Castor, I believe you will understand! These were commonly used terminology that is to introduce, to let you know, each term is meant. The device height, device height casters caster plate and wheel remote maximum vertical intervals. From the ground to the vertical interval between the device orientation. B below for devices in the device and wheel so constructed that its freedom of movement. Primary casters are divided into two categories: formed by the single wheel-mounted on the bracket. A fixed casters can only move along a straight line. Single wheel on the fixed bracket matching. B activities caster free to move in any direction. On a 360-degree turn bracket fitted with a single round. Three vertical line, frame rivet turned to Al-Qaida from bases to the core base level interval. Four casters when moving, road-load bearing ability. Also known as dynamic loads. Castor load arising from the performance of the standard and factory methods are not the same and not the same. Also due to the material of the wheel is different and not the same. Key in the structure and quality of support if we can shock and vibration resistance. Five, shock loads when the device is being hosted shock or vibration castors the Flash load.

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