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Caster Installation Hints

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Caster installation hints

Do you know how to install the casters? What note is it when installing casters? Did you install the casters when using flexible rotation?

When choosing a wheel, fixed casters of the specifications, of the correct way to install the casters are also important, not only can guarantee the castors operating flexibility, improve operating efficiency; you can also extend the life of castors!

As you correctly install the casters of the related guidelines:

1, casters installed, maintained at the State level for installation.

2, casters, to keep the shaft in a vertical position for installation.

3, after confirming the connection parts fix, select appropriate size screws, nuts, washers, and insert the mounting holes, tighten the casters so far no space, so as not to loose. When the screw is screwed into the installed, use the appropriate torque tighten the hexagon. Avoid causing excessive screwed into the shaft swelling, fracture.

4, braked castors at the time of installation, avoid brake under the status of the job is screwed into the installation, because that would lead to brake damage deformation and deterioration.

5, directional wheel and caster to choose products with the same specifications, this match more, operations coordination and better.

After installing the casters, to try to ensure that the stability and flexibility of each caster, everything is OK, you can be assured of the job.

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