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Casters Of The Parameter Explanation

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

Castor is a generic term, including activities and fixed casters. Activity is what we call universal wheel casters, its structure allows for 360 degree rotation fixed castors without rotating structure, can't move. Usually are two of the casters are generally with, such as the structure of the cart is in front of two fixed wheels, back near the caster are two activities and push bars.

Casters formed by the single wheel-mounted on a bracket, for installation in under the device so that it moves freely.

Casters can be divided into two broad categories:

A fixed castors

Single wheel on the fixed bracket matching, can only move along a straight line.

B activities casters

Support coupled with single wheel of 360-degree turn, able to travel in any direction.

Installation height

The vertical distance from the ground to the installation location, with casters caster installation height is the bottom plate and wheel remote maximum vertical distance.

Bracket turn to center distance

Center rivet vertical lines horizontal distance to the hub center.

Turning radius

Center rivet vertical lines horizontal distance to the outer edge of the tyre, proper spacing so that casters for 360-degree turn. Turning radius is reasonable or not directly affects the life of castors.

Moving load

Casters when moving the load-carrying capacity. Also known as dynamic loads. Castor load by the implementation of standards and factory tests of different varied. Because the material of the wheel varies. Key support structure and quality and resistant to shock and vibration.

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