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How To Nylon Wheel

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

See this title, there will be people who will ask, nylon wheels used to identify it? Customers often ask nylon wheels offer when they are informed that the required size, material, and to select the color wheel. Later, discovering that many customers do not know what is real nylon material. So then this article will focus on nylon wheels, as well as how to determine nylon wheels.

Why the fake nylon wheels?

There are now many manufacturers, in order to save costs, referred to as nylon plastic materials production and caster wheels, because it offers 1 time times greater than plastic, so the price difference of the two is also great. Plastic materials production and caster, regardless of color or appearance, and nylon is very similar. In order to save costs, some dealers only pay attention to price and without neglecting quality. For load-bearing requirements is not high, plastic wheel is OK, but for the high load-bearing requirements of equipment, along with the time, plastic wheel appears does not run correctly, and even the wheel break.

ow to make nylon wheel?

In General, the nylon wheels product color is pale yellow or milky white, because it is the polymer material, so it has a high mechanical strength, can reach the strength of metal material. A simple judging method, hit with a hammer, and test its rigidity, if you purchase the wheels strong enough, that is, nylon wheel, on the contrary, if it is very soft, is a plastic round that.

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