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The Related Factors Of Service Life Of Castors

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

1. overload; overload cause casters short life time of one of the primary reasons. Normally, apart from the specialized trucks, trolleys, users rarely know the maximum loading weight of casters.

Supermarket shopping carts identifying bearing weight? home sofa not sitting a few people? manufacturer is not clearly marked, on the other hand users know little of caster bearing. Like a load of 2 tons of car load of 5 tons, it could accelerate slope on vehicle wear and tear, overloading cannot go up. In some factories often carrying 2 tons of carts carrying 3 tons of goods, the result is the outer wheel (polyurethane) crashed and split frame deformation. Effects of overload on casters: small turntable severely deformed, ball drop, causing accelerated wear of bearings, caster bracket deformation effects so as to affect the steel ball run track wheels stuck, overwhelmed even stent deformation, deformation of lead wheels, split, unglued.

2. use place not casters of different materials have different application occasions; consumers should be fully taken into account in the selection of casters use workplace environment, depending on the environment chosen is not the same as the Caster. In acid, alkali, should not use cast iron wheel, Castor will soon rust and then not turning correctly. In winding or wire more textiles, clothing should be selected for their anti-bound utility of casters, avoid wound or entangled when the thread in the wheel bearings or into the ball track. Workplaces should be at high temperature using high temperature phenolic (heat wheels) casters or the use of cast iron wheels, made of heat-resistant nylon wheels, avoid casters thermal deformation due to environment temperature is too high and doesn't work. In cold areas use castors for low temperature-resistant materials to avoid shrinkage wheels burst, and selection of cold oil, ensure normal rotation of casters. Should not use in places with more nails or glass pump wheel, suitable for cast iron casters. On the uneven ground suitable for using the larger wheel diameter castors.

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