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Wheel Carrier Selection Is Also Important

Edit: Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 25, 2015

When choosing a wheel frame, pay attention to wheel bearing capacity must be matched with the casters and caster uses the occasion to pick.

Supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places:

Floor is good, smooth and easy transfer of such establishments, carrying cargo to lighter (each caster is hosted in 10-140kg), appropriate selection by thin steel plate (2-4mm) plating of stamping forming of wheel, the wheel light, sensitive, quiet, beautiful; has a double row of beads and a single row of beads, if you often move or transfer suggest using double row bead.

Factories, warehouses, and so on

Transmission of such establishments are frequent and heavy load (each caster is hosted in 280-420kg), the appropriate selection of thick steel plate (5-6 mm) punch hot forging and welding double-row ball bearing wheels.

Textile factories, car factories, machine shops, and so on:

These places due to severe and long walk intervals of the plant (each caster is hosted in 350-1200kg), recommends the selection of thick steel plates (8mm) after cutting welding wheel frame activity wheel using plane bearing fixed on the floor, so the caster can accept heavy load and enhance its sensitivity and anti-impacting performance.

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